Container Packing

WSL REPACK offers a highly efficient and cost effective in-house container packing service and are conveniently located near port and rail facilities.

Containers are packed and de-stuffed onsite under our protected, all weather canopy area.

WSL REPACK are container packing specialists offering:

  • Slipsheeting
  • Handstack
  • Palletised container loading
  • Container insulation installation

WSL REPACK will liaise with your freight forwarder to assist in coordinating orders, ensuring that cut offs are met.

Save valuable time and transport costs by reworking your wine with WSL REPACK and loaded directly into a container

WSL REPACK has the capability to pack containers on site, under an all-weather canopy, providing customers with the ease and convenience of having their wine reworked, packaged or labelled, and loaded directly into a container for export.

Container unpack and short term storage

With the ability to unpack containers on site, we offer our customers the ease and convenience of unpacking containers and assembling products or applying mandatory over-stickers prior to distribution.

WSL REPACK offer short and long term storage solutions for cargo destuffed from containers.

Wharf cartage

WSL REPACK is conveniently located near Adelaide's port and rail facilities offering highly efficient and cost effective wharf cartage services.